5 Good nutrition for infants smart

5 Good nutrition for infants smart.
all parents would want to have a healthy baby and intelligent. Has the advantage of intellect, besides giving happiness to parents who cared for him since childhood will be one important provision for the baby when she has become an adult later. One of the efforts that can be made by the parents to have babies intelligent among them is by providing good nutrition and proper, which stimulates an increase in infant intelligence.

The following are some proper nutrition for babies:

1. Breast Milk

Breast milk is one of the most important intake and can not be separated if we want a healthy baby. this Breast milk is the most suitable drink and (supposedly) most consumed by the baby's first, also proved to be the most excellent supplement to form a natural intelligence of the baby.
Therefore, multiply breastfeeding for the baby, especially those under the age of 2 years, because milk is one of the "gifts" the best we can give to our baby. Remember! do not replace breast milk with formula, unless absolutely necessary.

2. DHA and ARA

DHA (part of a series of Omega-3 fatty acids) is one of the important nutrients that should be consumed by every baby that becomes optimal brain development. We need to know that DHA make up about 25% of the total fat in the human brain, and can not be produced in the body, so it needs to be obtained from food. While ARA, is part of the Omega-6 fatty acid, is one of the fatty acids also play an important role. ARA helps to regenerate the brain and vision capabilities, improve the body's immunity, giving the ability for blood to clot (in case of injury), and various other functions. Mothers can try to reproduce provide various types of fish, eggs and cereals to help meet the needs of DHA and ARA intranet.

3. Iron

Iron is the nutrients essential that helps for the production of hemoglobin( substances transport oxygen) in the blood. iron deficiency will make babies become limp. In addition, the number of connection neural( connection between brain cells) will also be reduced in the brain baby, which eventually will be able to make a baby having mental retardation and underdevelopment in the motor problems. In addition, will also make a baby is difficult to learn, it is difficult to remember and difficult to concentrate. a condition that is not we want. Therefore, it is important for us as parents to increase their intake of iron for our children. Increase consumption of healthy foods such as spinach and kale, corn, eggs, fruit bits or apricots found to contain a lot of iron content.

4. Lodine

Iodine is one of the essential nutrients are rarely we heard in the articles about the brain development. In fact nutrients this one is no less important as nutrients such as AHA and ARA, for example. the lodine is important because it is one of nutrients that serves to set the hormone regulating the development of baby' s body, metabolism baby, and also helps infant brain development. Therefore, do not until the deficiency this one. Iodine can be found in the spices (salt), milk cows, and also in cereals (wheat)

5. Protein

Last essential nutrients in this article is, protein. Substances that this one is also one of the nutrients that should not be left to trigger the growth of a healthy infant intelligence. Protein is the main raw material for the development of cells in the body, including various cells in the brain. Therefore, protein deficiency will cause stunted brain development, and ultimately make the baby's intellectual development was not optimal.
the conclusion of this article is
some essential nutrients for babies that need to be made to be met by the parent so that the child's intellectual development becomes rapid and optimal.
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