how to cope with intestinal worms in children under five


how to cope with intestinal worms in children under five.
is it true that there are children who have a distended abdomen was suffering from intestinal worms?
and how to cope with this disease?

worms (helminth infections) caused by parasitic worms that enter the body. worms that enter the body will affect the growth of a child because most of the nutrients in a child's body will be absorbed by the worms, it is certainly going to disrupt the child's growth and endurance decreases a result, children are vulnerable to disease. Causes of the popular worms are tapeworms, pinworms and hookworms.

worms that enter into the body in various ways, example: roundworms nested in the body by the number of eggs infection 100, 000 - 200, 000 per day this worms can enter through the food.
While hookworm eggs and pinworms can flourish in the body through food and skin. Whipworm eggs infective usually amounts to 9000-10000 within 3 day.
This disease thrives caused by many factors ranging from tropical climate factors, body hygiene, sanitation environmental, socioeconomic and population density.

types of worms that can infect humans is roundworms. This worms is larger than other worms and also able to infect animals such as cats or dogs. The shape resembles an earthworm and lives in the large intestine, and can move to other organs including the lungs.

This worms types are also found in pigs or cows. Shaped like a long flat ribbon, this worms can be found in meat that is not cooked to perfection.

Symptoms and signs of intestinal worms

  • Weak
  • tired and lethargic lack of appetite
  • Hand and legs look skinny
  • stomach appears distended.
  • Abdominal pain even experienced diarrhea.
  • Nausea.
  • vomiting and flatulence.
  • itching is in rectal area.
  • especially at night( pinworm infection).

How To Prevent Disease Wormy

  • always maintain personal hygiene and the environment around us, such as the bathroom, underwear, toilet.
  • Used to wash hands with soap before eating or after playing. you can teach your child about this
  • maintaining the cleanliness of food and shelter for food, if it is forced to buy food outside, make sure that the food is clean in terms of processing and presentation.
  • Do not let your child scratching his body when his hands dirty, especially the anus.
  • When children play, always make sure that they wear footwear, such as shoes or sandals. This matter to reduce direct contact with worms eggs. Wash feet with soap after they played in place dirty.

Treatment Worms

for children aged 6 months or older can be given worming if necessary, with strict monitoring, and consider the merits of the child's condition (advantage compared side-effects). Recommended drugs for children under five, including drug active ingredient or similar piperazine citrate, pyrantel pamoate, and albendazole (for children over the age of 2 years.

I hope the above article about how to cope with intestinal worms in children under five can be useful to you. Thank you for visiting.

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