How to holding a baby

How to holding a baby?
The first thing to note is your baby has been unable to control the movement of his head. You have to hold the baby's head so as not to shift to the right or left or from front to back. When lifting baby, use both hands so you can sustain his head. When carrying baby, prop head and his neck with your hands, especially when he picked up in an upright position. Baby require a touch. Since the first seconds with your a baby, start formed bond inner- dependent touches you give. Baby always react to the way you touch it. Tenderness and warmth make him comfortable, but cry when touched roughly. Do not hesitate to hold, swing, and hugged him. You may not spoil a child, but baby understands your love him.

Baby Sleep Patterns

baby sleep habits affect his parents' lifestyle, therefore, you might want to do something that can affect sleep patterns. Remember, the newborn have not been able to distinguish between day and night, and eating because of hunger every 3 or 4 hours. This means feeding throughout the day will last at least for several weeks.

However, you can teach that nighttime is for sleeping, by some of the following instructions:

1. Applying Night Sleep Patterns

  • Most babies will sleep anywhere when feel tired, therefore try as well as possible to avoid light bright and sound frenzied around the baby sleeping.
  • When the baby wakes up at night, do not give excessive stimulation. Let the lights dim when breastfeeding and / or changing the baby and immediately tidurkan back after completion. Do not make a joke
  • If the babies tend to wake up too early morning, close the curtains meetings to inhibit the sun.
  • Make baby awake as long as possible during the day. If the baby is sleeping late afternoon more than 3 or 4 hours, wake up and ask him joking while.
  • If the baby is breastfed, give breast milk to her over shortly before bedtime to prevent waking due to hunger.
  • When the baby is older and able to eat more, maybe he'll sleep through the night.
  • If the baby is 3 months old and did not sleep at night, ask him to play actively in the afternoon and evening.

2. help the baby to sleep again

  • Continuous gentle stimulation often managed to coax the baby to sleep again. Try patting, rocking, or hold him while walking.
  • If the baby still squirming or growling, no one suspected that he was still awake. This activity may be a sign that the baby started to fall asleep.
  • Remember, the first few weeks is the most difficult. As already mentioned, many baby began to sleep all night at the age of 3 months. Also common on the babies are they have a period slept well followed by the sleep period ugly. It could be it is due to the runway to grow quickly that increase the nutritional needs or, in the babies larger, dentition. More information about sleeping habits baby can be found health experts.
  • When the baby still awake and began to cry, remember that cry for 15 to 20 minutes is not dangerous. Only, make sure that he cried not because of hungry, pain, or wet.

3. Pay attention to the safety of the baby while sleeping

  • Child care experts recommend that babies sleep better in a supine position or tilted than the stomach.
  • This recommendation may not apply when a baby is born prematurely, tend to vomit, or the condition of his health allows him to experience airway obstruction. Check with your health care professional if your baby falls into one of these categories.

Babies cry

  • Babies cry due to various reasons. The closer to the baby, you begin to recognize that other cries for each different reasons: the cries of hunger differ with tears of fear. During the first few months of a baby should be immediately approached by the time crying. You may not spoil a baby, but if you answer the cries for help, he will not often cry
You almost always can know why the baby is crying. Once diapered, fed, patted his back, or his body given warmth may he immediately stopped crying. When those efforts did not also stop crying, try the following ways:
  • Swung, both while sitting in a rocking chair or with your arm.
  • Take him to observe moving objects-soon

That little tips on how to holding a baby and may be useful for you.

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