how to effectively cope with diarrhea in infants

how to effectively cope with diarrhea in infants. Did you know that diarrhea in infants can result in death, if not immediately get help from a doctor.

Diarrhea is a common problem in infants. Many babies who died of diarrhea in a country like India because of they are not treated properly so that cases mortality due to diarrheal be increas.

As a parent you have to know how to cope diarrhea in your baby. So, how effective treatment to cure diarrhea in infants?
Here are some simple tips are effective enough to address the problem of diarrhea in your baby.

1. Gives a fluid intake sufficient on your baby harmful side effects of diarrhea in infants that is dehydrated. Why? Because your baby still depends on the breast milk, therefore continue breastfeeding on your baby a regular basis to keep their body hydrated.

2. ORS
If the infant diarrhea, making them a mixture of salt, sugar and water. Give to the baby so that their bodies can replace body salts lost when diarrhea.

3. Give easily digestible food for your baby
easily digested foods such as soft rice, banana or pureed. Do not give food made from cereals or something because it will difficult to digest.

4. massage gums baby
Sometimes, diarrhea in infants caused by the pain when he had teething. In this case, give baby food safe to be chewed. You can also massage gums baby with your fingers to relieve pain.

5. Give water
One solution of the most common to overcome the diarrhea in infants is to provide plenty of water. Water can relieve abdominal pain and also gas release of the abdomen baby.
It takes about 3 days to return the baby's stomach normal. However, if the baby out watery stools every hours or there are spots of blood in the stool, hurry to the doctor to get more serious treatment.

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