Set the eating habits and nutrient intake a toddler

Set the eating habits and nutrient intake a toddler.
a baby will grow and develop quickly. therefore you as parents need to pay attention to adequate nutrition so that growth and development is not compromised.

activities carried out a toddler is not so dense as adults, but they also need energy to play. Make sure that children get the nutrients from healthy foods such as lean meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, nuts, whole grain breads, cereals, dairy foods, fruits and vegetables.

a baby also need to get the intake of protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin D high. Calcium helps the growth of teeth and along with vitamin D keeps bones strong. Children period is an important time for the growth of teeth and bones.

Sweet cakes, sweets and Junk Food

sweets and desserts sweet pastries might be a friend for a moment, but it could also be opposed. If you as parents often give cookies and candy, chances are the child will not want to eat the main meal. Though the location of the nutrients it needs to be the main meal of the child. If the baby is mostly eating sweet food, the stomach is feel full. and the baby will be malnutrition for growth development.

Therefore you as parents do not feed the form of cake sweet sweet or candy. if your baby was great I think it does not matter with the food. reduce the schedule the streets to the mall because most visitors mall will spend time to enjoy the junk food. Thus you and your child is not tempted to taste it.


this dinner is important for the little one. you can teach specific habits at dinner. The whole family members sought always dinner together. Cook a healthy diet for families.

Create a family atmosphere pleasant, so that this will be habit to eat at home, and not always ask for snacks outside. to dinner you can make the time to teach this little one to eat themselves.

Give the rule at the dinner table, for example, toddlers constantly tapping the spoon to the table, you can said that it was disrespectful and disturbing others.

Conclusions and solutions: Mother needs to make a snack in between main meals. Instead of giving him a sweet pastry, biscuits or sweets, make a snack for her, such as:

* Half sandwiches (can fill in a social and or meat and vegetables)

I hope the above article useful for the mothers. Thank you for your visiting our blog.

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